Mystery Mini Bundle

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Mystery Mini Bundle

Minis galore! Over time, I tend to accumulate minis - from sock sets, yarn mops, oops I just put the wrong dye, you name it.

I collect these in a bin until such time that I have the ability to combine said minis into cute little bundles.

That day was last night and I am happy to say that I have 29 6-mini bundles and 2 5-mini bundles.

These are Mystery, but I will say that I grouped them in similar color palettes. I’m envisioning a Seaglass Tee or some beautiful scrappy socks. 

While it is mystery, you can put your color preference in the order notes and I will do my best to accommodate your requests - first come, first serve.

These are on my Boardwalk Sock base, a 75/25 SW merino/nylon base. Each mini is 20g and approximately 92 yards.