Mini Bundles - SeaLife

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Mini Bundles - SeaLife
Mini Bundles - SeaLife

Each bundle will have 1 of each of the 12 colorways of the SeaLife Collection. I currently have 4 bundles in stock.

Mini Details:

  • Fingering Weight
  • 92 yards per 20 gram mini
  • 75% SW Merino Wool, 25% Nylon
  • 12 colors (Sea Turtle, Humpback Whale, Parrotfish, Clownfish, Blue Tang, Sea Brine, Butterfly Fish Variations 1 & 2, Barrier Reef, Coral Trout, Crown of Thorns Starfish and Pacific Purple Sea Urchin)

I will be donating $10 from every bundle purchase to a conservation effort of animals, corals or to help clean our oceans on a quarterly basis. The first donation will be going to The Coral Restortation Foundation on July 1st.