SeaLife Collection


    A forever collection of 12 initial colorways, each inspired by a creature or thing of the oceans. I reserve the right to add or remove any possible colorways.

    Our oceans are in trouble. The extremely important barrier reefs are dying at exponential rates due to warming waters, bleaching and general pollution. The fish and corals that inhabit the reefs are likewise dying due to loss of habitat. The fish and mammals and other sea creatures that rely on those who live on the reefs for food are dying due to lack of food source. It is just an endless, ugly circle of destruction that I hope to be able to help stop with this collection.

    $2 from EVERY SKEIN PURCHASED from this collection will be donated on a Quarterly basis to a foundation or organization that helps to protect and/or heal our oceans. 

    The first foundation to benefit from purchases of this collection is The Coral Restoration Foundation.

    This is a non-profit organization based in Key Largo, Florida, USA where they are working to help reestablish the Florida Reef Tract. They are doing this by growing elkhorn and staghorn in oceanic nurseries where they can be easily monitored and then outplanting healthy corals to the reef tract. The Florida Reef Tract has been decimated by bleaching events killing off the native elkhorn and staghorn and thus thousands of other sea creatures. 

    It is my hope to eventually donate to multiple organizations in an effort to help save our oceans from all aspects including pollution control, pollution clean up, wildlife organizations that go out and save these animals, etc. If anyone has any suggestions of organizations, please feel free to email me at I would love to hear from you. Thank you, Sam

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