Dyed to Order

Here you can find a selection of colors that I am currently offering on a dyed to order basis. This is your best bet for ordering sweater quantities. 

Please allow for a 2-3 week turnaround on all dyed to order purchases. This turnaround time allows me to offer most (if not all) of my bases while keeping the tiny storage space as organized as possible. If there is a base that is ‘sold out’, that’ll mean that I am unable to obtain the base currently (thanks Covid). If you absolutely need that base, please keep in touch with me as we all try to navigate a world affected by this lengthy pandemic.

I now offer a sweater quantity discount. Please see the chart below for the codes and corresponding discount.

 Code Discount
sweater10 10% off 4-6 skeins
sweater15 15% off 7+ skeins

9 products

9 products